XML and ADO.NET - Database quiz 4

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XML and ADO.NET - Database Online Quiz 4

XML and ADO.NET - Database quiz 4 is a free online quiz challenge under XML and ADO.NET - Database category. There are 100 free online quiz challenges available in Database category

It took the popularity of the Internet to realize that database processing and document processing need each other.

FOR XML EXPLICIT tells SQL Server to place the values of the columns as attributes in the resulting XML document.

With XML:

Datasets which reside on the user's hard drive are created by ADO.NET to facilitate the transformation of XML documents to and from relational database constructs.

XML Schemas are XML documents.

The document that is used by XSLT to indicate how to transform the elements of the XML document to another format is a(n):

XML technology is a hybrid of document processing and database processing.

If a document does not conform to the DTD, it is a bad XML document.

You can validate an XML Schema document against its schema, just as you would any other XML document.

HTML is an application of a more robust document markup language called:

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