XML and ADO.NET - Database quiz 3

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XML and ADO.NET - Database Online Quiz 3

XML and ADO.NET - Database quiz 3 is a free online quiz challenge under XML and ADO.NET - Database category. There are 100 free online quiz challenges available in Database category

What is not true about XML?

The most popular way to materialize XML documents is to use XSLT.

XML Schema is used to define the content, structure and format of documents.

The DTD defines the structure of XML documents.

The XSLT processor copies the elements of the stylesheet until it finds a command in the format:

What standard, protocol or language was generalized to become a standard protocol for sending messages of any type, using any protocol?

XML Schemas consist of:

Schemas consist of properties and methods

If an XML document does not have a DTD, then by definition it is:

SOAP is now just a name, not an acronym.

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