XML and ADO.NET - Database quiz 2

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XML and ADO.NET - Database Online Quiz 2

XML and ADO.NET - Database quiz 2 is a free online quiz challenge under XML and ADO.NET - Database category. There are 100 free online quiz challenges available in Database category

XML is:

ADO.NET provides the ability to create and process in-memory databases called:

If the XML data instance conforms to the DTD, the document is said to be:

XSLT processors evaluate each statement in the context of the match that has been made. That is, XSLT processors are:

What is not true about SOAP?

Documents that have no DTD are by definition not-type-valid.

With XSLT, you specify a procedure for materializing document elements.

To eliminate definition duplication, XML Schemas define:

The DTD begins with the word:

With XML, document structure, content and format are all defined within one document.

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