XML and ADO.NET - Database quiz 1

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XML and ADO.NET - Database Online Quiz 1

XML and ADO.NET - Database quiz 1 is a free online quiz challenge under XML and ADO.NET - Database category. There are 100 free online quiz challenges available in Database category

SOAP uses HTTP as its only transport mechanism.

Web page display is the most important application of XML.

What is not true about XSLT?

The expression FOR XML RAW tells SQL Server to:

XSLT processors are context-oriented; each statement is evaluated in the context of the match that has been made.

Stylesheets are used by XSLT to indicate how to transform the elements of the XML document into another format.

Which of the following statements is not true about XML Schemas:

The most popular way to materialize XML documents is to use:

An XML component that defines the structure of a document is known as a(n):

XML uses the same terms with the same meanings as terms in the database world.

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