Word Utilization problems - English Language quiz 1

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Word Utilization problems - English Language Online Quiz 1

Word Utilization problems - English Language quiz 1 is a free online quiz challenge under Word Utilization problems - English Language category. There are 320 free online quiz challenges available in English Language category

(i) To__________proclamation of emergency by the President, the phrase 'armed rebellion'. in the Article 39 of the Constitution, has been replaced by'internal disturbances'.(ii)This secondary roller is to_________movement of wet paper on the dryer rollers.(iii)It will__________quick settlement of the problem if our Chairman also participates in the first meeting.(iv)This could _________production activities to our satisfaction.

The constitution (Sixty-first Amendment) Act, 1989 has(i) ___________the voting age form 21 years to 18 years for the Lok Sabha and the Legislative Assembly elections.(ii) In the present cola-war, the consumer has gained on account of the _________rates of aerated water.(iii)On account of our power-cut during the summer months this years, our average daily production of paper has_________by almost ten per cent.(iv)The mill has_________the overhead expenses.

(i)_________the elevator door.(ii)The story will_____you.(iii)________the ball before it lands on the ground.(iv)She was about to________the child's hand and run out of room.

(i) The Bill________reduction in electoral expenses.(ii) The plan_______ten per cent growth in production.(iii) The budget for the current year__________more or less double turn-over than that of last year.(iv)The company_________a good production due to better prospects of sugarcane production.

(i)The Chief Minister is the leader of the party that commands a_______in the House.(ii) Every major problem in the organisation should be decided on the_________opinion of all the senior management staff.(iii) As neither party has won the _______,a coalition government is the only alternative.(iv)A_________of the employees are in favour of this move.

(i) A fine collection of__________.(ii) _____________does not need to be innovative to be good.(iii) He said that architecture is the___________of wasting space beacutifully.(iv) It is quite an______.

(i) The book still has its_____binding.(ii)The government restored the building to its______conditions.(iii) The play is______;not an adaptation.(iv)The translation misses much of the subtlety of the______French.

(i)One__________after another delayed the project.(ii)The company in 1998 faced a lason_________.(iii)I went to a lot of________

(iv)He got several girls in_________

(i) I was ________she had seen it.(ii) Ramesh was very________of his beliefs.(iii)Wood dust is a ________sign of termites.(iv) The thought that he had been killed was__________enough.

(i) It differs in that_______.(ii)She lost all______for him.(iii)He want to the law school out of _________for his father's wishes.(iv)I__________his judgement.

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