The Constitution and features - Indian polity quiz 1

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The Constitution and features - Indian polity Online Quiz 1

The Constitution and features - Indian polity quiz 1 is a free online quiz challenge under The Constitution and features - Indian polity category. There are 231 free online quiz challenges available in Indian polity category

Assertion (A)  The judicial system was far more developed in the Gupta period then in earlier times.Reason (R)  For the first time, civil and criminal law were clearly defined and demarcated besides several law books being compiled.

Assertion (A)  Harshavardhana convened the Prayag Assembly.Reason (R)  He wanted to populations only the Mahayana form of Buddhism.

Assertion (A)  Among the numerous Rajput clans which rose into prominence in the AD 10th century four claimed a special status and started themselves the 'Agnikula'.Reason (R) The four Agnikulas clans which dominated early Rajput politics claimed descent form a mythical figure was rose out of a sacrificial fit near Mt Abu.

Assertion (A) Many Roman gold and silver coins bonging to the first and second countries have been discovered in South India.Reason (R) Some parts of South India were under Roman occupation during this period.

Assertion (A)  The origin of Feudal system in ancient India can be traced to Military campaigns.Reason (R)  There was considerable expansion of the Feudal system during the Gupta period.

Assertion (A)  Trade and commerce were on the general in decline during were on the general in decline during the Gupta period.Reason (R)   Gupta issued the largest number of gold coins in ancient India.

Assertion (A) Sangam texts are different form the Vedic texts particularity from Rigvedic texts.Reason (R)  They do not constitute religious literature and they are secular in nature.

Assertion (A) The Shudras in the Gupta period were permitted to listen to the Ramayan, Mahabharata and the Purans.Reason (R)  The economic state of the Shudras improved in the Gupta period as they were mainly represented as agriculturists.

Assertion (A)  The Success of the Turks against the Indian rulers at the end of the 12th century  was an event that exposed the weakness of the Indian armies.Reason (R) Large scale conversions to IsIam had depleted the numerical strength of the Indian armies.

Assertion (A) The 73rd Amendment granted consitutional status to the Gram Sabha.Reason (R) The Balwant Rai mehta Committee mentioned the Gram Sabha.

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