Stoichiometry - Chemical Engineering quiz 20

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Stoichiometry - Chemical Engineering Online Quiz 20

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A 'limiting reactant' is the one, which decides the __________ in the chemical reacation.

The percentage ratio of the partial pressure of the vapor to the vapor pressure of the liquid at the existing temperature is

On addition of 1 c.c. of dilute hydrochloric acid (1% concentration) to 80 c.c. of a buffer solution of pH = 4, the pH of the solution becomes

One kg of saturated steam at 100°C and 1.01325 bar is contained in a rigid walled vessel. It lias a volume of 1.673 m³. It cools to 98°C ; the saturation pressure is 0.943 bar ; one kg of water vapour under these conditions has a volume of 1.789 m³. The amount of water vapour condensed (in kg) is

At a constant volume, for a fixed number of moles of a gas, the pressure of the gas increases with rise of temperature due to

Elements in a periodic table are arranged in order of their

A chemical process is said to occur under unsteady state, if the

With increase in the temperature of pure (distilled) water, its

If a solution of eutectic composition is cooled, __________ reaching the eutectic temperature.

A saturated vapor on being compressed would

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