Statements and Conclusions - Reasoning quiz 7

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Statements and Conclusions - Reasoning Online Quiz 7

Statements and Conclusions - Reasoning quiz 7 is a free online quiz challenge under Statements and Conclusions - Reasoning category. There are 277 free online quiz challenges available in Reasoning category

Statements: The manager humiliated Sachin in the presence of his colleagues.


I. The manager did not like Sachin.

II. Sachin was not popular with his colleagues.

Statements : All the organised persons find time for rest. Sunita, in-spite of her busy schedule, finds time for rest.

Conclusions : I. Sunita is an organised person. II. Sunita is an industrious person.

Statements: Until our country achieves economic equality, political freedom and democracy would be meaningless.


I. Political freedom and democracy go hand in hand.II. Economic equality leads to real political freedom and democracy.

Statements: A large majority of the work force in India is unorganised. Most of them earn either the minimum or uncertain wages while others are engaged in sundry jobs.


I. The workers in the organised sector get better facilities and stay longer in their jobs.II. Some workers in the unorganised sector of the work force have a regular and fixed income.

Statements: Women's organisations in India have welcomed the amendment of the Industrial Employment Rules 1946 to curb sexual harassment at the work place.


I. Sexual harassment of women at work place is more prevalent in India as compared to other developed countries.

II. Many organisations in India will stop recruiting women to avoid such problems.

Statements: The commissioner of police has appealed people not to put up banners which obstruct pedestrian or motor traffic.


I. Some of the people may respond and will not put up such banners.II. Policemen will have to keep a watchful eye on the new banners which are being put up on the roads.

Statement: No country is absolutely self-dependent these days.

Conclusions:I. It is impossible to grow and produce all that a country needs. II. Countrymen in general have become lazy.

Statements: A man must be wise to be a good wrangler. Good wranglers are talkative and boring.


I. All the wise persons are boring.II. All the wise persons are good wranglers.

Statements: This world is neither good nor evil; each man manufactures a world for himself.


I. Some people find this world quite good.

II. Some people find this world quite bad.

Statements: The interview panel may select a candidate who neither possesses the desired qualifications nor the values and attributes.


I. The inclusion of specialists on the interview panel does not guarantee that the selection will be proper.II. The interview test has certain limitations in the matter of selection of candidates.

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