Statements and Conclusions - Reasoning quiz 11

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Statements and Conclusions - Reasoning Online Quiz 11

Statements and Conclusions - Reasoning quiz 11 is a free online quiz challenge under Statements and Conclusions - Reasoning category. There are 277 free online quiz challenges available in Reasoning category

Statements: The XYZ Medical College has started a cell which will conduct counselling workshops in the field of stress management to patients and general public.


I. The hospital has needed resources to start such activity.II. Patients and general public feel a need to have such cell in the hospital.

Statements: The Cabinet of State X took certain steps to tackle the milk glut in the state as the cooperatives and government dairies failed to use the available milk. - A news report.


I. The milk production of State X is more than its need.II. The Government and co-operative dairies in State X are not equipped in terms of resources and technology to handle such excess milk.

Statements: The Prime Minister emphatically stated that his government will make every possible effort for the upliftment of poor farmers and farmhands.


I. Except poor farmers and farmhands, all others have got benefits of fruits of development.II. No serious efforts have been made in the past for upliftment of any section of the society.

Statements: People who speak too much against dowry are those who had taken it themselves.


I. It is easier said than done.

II. People have double standards.

Statement: No country is absolutely self-dependent these days.

Conclusions:I. It is impossible to grow and produce all that a country needs. II. Countrymen in general have become lazy.

Statement : Company X has marketed the product. Go ahead, purchase it if price and quality are your considerations.

Conclusions : I. The product must be good in quality. II. The price of product must be reasonable.

Statements: In a recent survey report, it has been stated that those who undertake physical exercise for at least half an hour a day are less prone to have any heart ailments.


I. Moderate level of physical exercise is necessary for leading a healthy life.

II. All people who do desk-bound jobs definitely suffer from heart ailments.

Statements: In a highly centralised power structure, in which even senior cabinet ministers are prepared to reduce themselves to pathetic countries or yesmen airing views that are primarily intended to anticipate or reflect the Prime Minister's own performances, there can be no place for any consensus that is quite different from real or contrived unanimity of opinion, expressed through a well orchestrated endorsement of the leader's actions.


I. The Ministers play safe by not giving anti-government views.

II. The Prime Minister does not encourage his colleagues to render their own views.

Statement : Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months.

Conclusions:I. Fashion designers do not understand the public mind very well. II. The public by and large is highly susceptible to novelty.

Statements: The T.V. programmes, telecast specially for women are packed with a variety of recipes and household hints. A major portion of magazines for women also contains the items mentioned above.


I. Women are not interested in other things.

II. An average woman's primary interest lies in home and specially in the kitchen.

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