Statements and Conclusions - Reasoning quiz 12

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Statements and Conclusions - Reasoning Online Quiz 12

Statements and Conclusions - Reasoning quiz 12 is a free online quiz challenge under Statements and Conclusions - Reasoning category. There are 277 free online quiz challenges available in Reasoning category

Statements: The President of XYZ Party indicated that 25 independent Members of Legislative Assembly (MLA) are seriously considering various options of joining some political party. But in any case all of them collectively will join one party only.


I. The 25 independent MLAs will join XYZ party in a short period of time.II. The 25 independent MLAs will join some other political party in a short period of time.

Statements: Recent trends also indicate that the number of child migrants in large cities is increasing. These children leave their families to join the ranks of urban poor doing odd jobs in markets, workshops, hotels or in service sectors.


I. Migration to big cities should be checked.

II. The plight of poor children should be thoroughly studied.

Statements: A large majority of the work force in India is unorganised. Most of them earn either the minimum or uncertain wages while others are engaged in sundry jobs.


I. The workers in the organised sector get better facilities and stay longer in their jobs.II. Some workers in the unorganised sector of the work force have a regular and fixed income.

Statements: Only good singers are invited in the conference. No one without sweet voice is a good singer.


I. All invited singers in the conference have sweet voice.

II. Those singers who do not have sweet voice are not invited in the conference.

Statements: In Japan, the incidence of stomach cancer is very high, while that of bowel cancer is very low. But Japanese immigrate to Hawaii, this is reversed - the rate of bowel cancer increases but the rate of stomach cancer is reduced in the next generation. All this is related to nutrition - the diets of Japanese in Hawaii are different than those in Japan.


I. The same diet as in Hawaii should be propagated in Japan also. 

II.Bowel cancer is less severe than stomach cancer.

Statements: In a recent survey report, it has been stated that those who undertake physical exercise for at least half an hour a day are less prone to have any heart ailments.


I. Moderate level of physical exercise is necessary for leading a healthy life.

II. All people who do desk-bound jobs definitely suffer from heart ailments.

Statements: "The Government will review the present policy of the diesel price in view of further spurt in the international oil prices". - A spokesman of the Government.


I. The Government will increase the price of the diesel after the imminent spurt in the international oil prices.II. The Government will not increase the price of the diesel even after the imminent spurt in the international oil prices.

Statements: Players who break various records in a fair way get special prizes. Player X broke the world record but was found to be under the influence of a prohibited drug.


I. X will get the special prize.II. X will not get the special prize.

Statements: It has been decided by the Government to withdraw 33% of the subsidy on cooking gas from the beginning of next month. - A spokesman of the Government.


I. People now no more desire or need such subsidy from Government as they can afford increased price of the cooking gas.II. The price of the cooking gas will increase at least by 33% from the next month.

Statements: Leaders, who raise much hue and cry about the use of Hindi, generally send their children to English medium schools.


I. India lacks good Hindi medium schools.II. There is a world of difference between preaching and practising.

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