Statements and Conclusions - Reasoning quiz 2

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Statements and Conclusions - Reasoning Online Quiz 2

Statements and Conclusions - Reasoning quiz 2 is a free online quiz challenge under Statements and Conclusions - Reasoning category. There are 277 free online quiz challenges available in Reasoning category

Statements: Company X has marketed the product. Go ahead; purchase it if price and quality are your considerations.


I. The product must be good in quality.II. The price of the product must be reasonable.

Statement : The old order changed yielding place to new.

Conclusions:I. Change is the law of nature. II. Discard old ideas because they are old.

Statement : The world is neither good nor evil, each man manufactures a world for himself.

Conclusions : I. Some people find this world quite good. II. Some people find this world quite bad.

Statements: Applications of applicants who do no fulfil eligibility criteria and/or who do not submit applications before last date will be summarily rejected and will not be called for the written test.


I. Those who are called for the written test are those who fulfil eligibility criteria and have submitted their applications before last date.

II. Written test will be held only after scrutiny of applications.

Statements: All those political prisoners were released on bail who had gone to jail for reasons other than political dharnas. Bail was not granted to persons involved in murders.


I. No political - prisoner had committed murder.

II. Some politicians were not arrested.

Statement : Company X has a record of manufacturing cameras of quality and the latest design so that you do not spoil even a single shot irrespective of the weather conditions.

Conclusions : I. No other company except X is reputed in camera industry. II. Acceptable shot with camera of company X can be taken in any weather conditions.

Statements: The Prime Minister emphatically stated that his government will make every possible effort for the upliftment of poor farmers and farmhands.


I. Except poor farmers and farmhands, all others have got benefits of fruits of development.II. No serious efforts have been made in the past for upliftment of any section of the society.

Statements: From the next academic year, students will have the option of dropping Mathematics and Science for their school leaving certificate examination.


I. Students who are weak in Science and Mathematics will be admitted.II. Earlier students did not have the choice of continuing their education without taking these subjects.

Statement : A large majority of the work force in India is unorganised. Most of them earn either the minimum or uncertain wages while others are engaged in sundry jobs. 

Conclusions : I. The workers in the organised sector get better facilities and stay longer in their jobs. II. Some workers in the unorganised sector of the work force have a regular and fixed income.

Statement: No country is absolutely self-dependent these days.

Conclusions:I. It is impossible to grow and produce all that a country needs. II. Countrymen in general have become lazy.

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