Statements and Assumption - Reasoning quiz 11

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Statements and Assumption - Reasoning Online Quiz 11

Statements and Assumption - Reasoning quiz 11 is a free online quiz challenge under Statements and Assumption - Reasoning category. There are 277 free online quiz challenges available in Reasoning category

Statement: The X-Airlines has decided to increase the passenger fare by 15 percent with immediate effect.


I. The demand for seats of X-Airlines may remain unchanged even after the hike of fare.

II. Other airline companies may also hike the passenger fares.

Statement: An advertisement: If you want to follow the footprints of an ideal leader, wear 'X' brand of shoes.


I. Most people like to become ideal leaders.

II. One can't become ideal leader unless one wears X brand of shoes.

Statement: Without reforming the entire administrative system, we cannot eradicate corruption and prejudice from the society.


I. The existence of corruption and prejudice is good.

II. There is enough flexibility to change the administrative system.

Statement: "Those who are appearing for this examination for the first time should be helped in filling up the form." - An instruction to invigilating staff.


I. The form is somewhat complicated.

II. Candidates can appear more than once for this examination.

Statement: The party president has directed that no member of the party will give press briefing or interviews to governments and private T.V. channels about the discussion in scheduled meeting of the party.


I. Party members will observe this directive of the president.

II. The general public will not come to know about the happenings in the scheduled meeting of the party.

Statement: "Present day education is in shambles and the country is going to the dogs."


I. A good education system is essential for the well-being of a nation.

II. A good education alone is sufficient for the well-being of a nation.

Statement: "If you trouble me, I will slap you." - A mother warns her child.


I. With the warning, the child may stop troubling her.II. All children are basically naughty.

Statement: "Apply nets on windows to prevent the entrance of mosquitoes in the house."


I. The entering of mosquitoes from entrances other than windows is desirable.

II. Nets are not available to apply on doors.

Statement: Neither fascism nor communism has any chance of succeeding in America.


I. American people are strongly in favour of preserving the rights of the individual.

II. Americans have so far not suffered any pangs of poverty or deprivation.

Statement: "Everyone desires to buy a personal computer", statement of a college student.


I. Personal computers are not a need but a luxury.

II. Use of personal computers improves quality of skill.

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