Statements and Assumption - Reasoning quiz 8

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Statements and Assumption - Reasoning Online Quiz 8

Statements and Assumption - Reasoning quiz 8 is a free online quiz challenge under Statements and Assumption - Reasoning category. There are 277 free online quiz challenges available in Reasoning category

Statement: Safety and health practices in many Indian companies are well below the international standards.

Assumptions:I. International standards of health and safety are ideal and unrealistic. II. Indian organizations do not consider safety and health management as their prime social responsibility.

Statement: There is no reason to rule out the possibility of life on Mars. Therefore the exploration of that planet has to be undertaken.


I. There is life on Mars.

II. The search for life is the sufficient reason for space exploration.

Statement: The economic prosperity of any nation is dependent on the quality of its human resources.


I. It is possible to measure the quality of human resources of a nation.

II. Achieving economic prosperity is a cherished goal of every nation.

Statement: Most people who stop smoking gain weight.


I. If one stops smoking, one will gain weight.

II. If one does not stop smoking, one will not gain weight.

Statement: I have written several letters to the branch manager regarding my account in the bank but did not receive any reply so far.


I. Branch manager is expected to read letters received from the customer.

II. Branch manager is expected to reply to the letters received from the customers.

Statement: No budgetary provision for the purpose of appointing additional faculty would be made in the context of institute's changed financial priorities.


I. Appointment of faculty requires funds.

II. There are areas other than appointment of faculty which require more financial attention.

Statement: "In order to bring punctuality in our office, we must provide conveyance allowance to our employees." - In charge of a company tells Personnel Manager.


I. Conveyance allowance will not help in bringing punctuality.II. Discipline and reward should always go hand in hand.

Statement: "Private property, trespassers will be prosecuted" - A notice on a plot of land.


I. The passerby may read the notice and may not trespass.

II. The people are scared of prosecution.

Statement: Apart from the entertainment value of television, its educational value cannot be ignored.


I. People take television to be a means of entertainment only.II. The educational value of television is not realised properly.

Statement: "Though the candidates have been instructed to bring pencils, yet provide some pencils with each invigilator." - An instruction to test administration staff.


I. Pencils are in short supply.

II. All the candidates will bring the pencil.

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