Statements and Assumption - Reasoning quiz 12

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Statements and Assumption - Reasoning Online Quiz 12

Statements and Assumption - Reasoning quiz 12 is a free online quiz challenge under Statements and Assumption - Reasoning category. There are 277 free online quiz challenges available in Reasoning category

Statement: An advertisement: If you want to follow the footprints of an ideal leader, wear 'X' brand of shoes.


I. Most people like to become ideal leaders.

II. One can't become ideal leader unless one wears X brand of shoes.

Statement: The economic prosperity of any nation is dependent on the quality of its human resources.


I. It is possible to measure the quality of human resources of a nation.

II. Achieving economic prosperity is a cherished goal of every nation.

Statement: "It has become a necessity to computerize all the functions of our Institute to maintain the present position." - A statement of the Director of XYZ Institute.


I. Unless computerized, the Institute will fall behind the race.

II. The functions of the Institute are too complex to be handled manually.

Statement : 'Guests should be provided lunch' - A tells B

Assumptions : I. Unless told, lunch may not be provided. II. Guests will stay during lunch time.

Statement: "If you want to give any advertisement, give it in the newspaper X." - A tells B.


I. B wants to publicise his products.

II. Newspaper X has a wide circulation.

Statement: The new education policy envisages major modifications in the education system.


I. Present education system is inconsistent with national needs.

II. Present education system needs change.

Statement : Unemployment allowance should be given to all unemployed Indian youth above 18 years of age.

Assumptions : I. There are unemployed youth in India who need monitory support. II. The government has sufficient funds to provide allowance to the unemployed youth.

Statement: Traffic jams on most of the roads in the city have become a regular feature during monsoon.


I. Material used for road construction cannot withstand the fury of monsoon resulting into innumerable pot holes on the roads.

II. Number of vehicles coming on the roads is much more in monsoon as compared to other seasons.

Statement: Detergents should be used to clean clothes.

Assumptions:I. Detergents form more lather. II. Detergents help to dislodge grease and dirt.

Statement: "Ensure a good Slight's sleeps for your family with safe and effective X mosquito coil." - An advertisement.


I. X mosquito coil is better than any other mosquito coil.

II. A good night's sleep is desirable.

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