Statements and Assumption - Reasoning quiz 17

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Statements and Assumption - Reasoning Online Quiz 17

Statements and Assumption - Reasoning quiz 17 is a free online quiz challenge under Statements and Assumption - Reasoning category. There are 277 free online quiz challenges available in Reasoning category

Statement : In case of any difficulty about this case, you may contact our company's lawyer.

Assumptions : I. Each company has a lawyer of its own. II. The company's lawyer is thoroughly briefed about this case.

Statement: "In my absence, I request you to look after the affairs of our company." - B tells C.


I. C may not accept the request of B.

II. C has the expertise to handle the affairs of the company.

Statement: "I would like to study the impact of pay revision on job satisfaction of employees." - A tells B.


I. Job satisfaction can be measured.

II. A has necessary competence to undertake such study.

Statement: Traffic jams on most of the roads in the city have become a regular feature during monsoon.


I. Material used for road construction cannot withstand the fury of monsoon resulting into innumerable pot holes on the roads.

II. Number of vehicles coming on the roads is much more in monsoon as compared to other seasons.

Statement: Be humble even after being victorious.


I. Many people are humble after being victorious.II. Generally people are not humble.

Statement: A's advice to B - "If you want to study Accounts, join Institute Y."


I. Institute Y provides good Accounts education.

II. B listens to As advice.

Statement: I have written several letters to the branch manager regarding my account in the bank but did not receive any reply so far.


I. Branch manager is expected to read letters received from the customer.

II. Branch manager is expected to reply to the letters received from the customers.

Statement: "If I am not well you will have to go for the meeting." - A manager tells his subordinate.


I. It is not necessary that only manager level personnel attend the meeting.

II. If the manager is well, he would himself like to go for the meeting.

Statement: The economic condition of the country has gone from bad to worse.


I. The government has failed to tackle economic problems.

II. People are not cooperating with the government.

Statement: "If it does not rain throughout this month, most farmers would be in trouble this year."


I. Timely rain is essential for farming.

II. Most farmers are generally dependent on rains.

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