Statements and Assumption - Reasoning quiz 13

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Statements and Assumption - Reasoning Online Quiz 13

Statements and Assumption - Reasoning quiz 13 is a free online quiz challenge under Statements and Assumption - Reasoning category. There are 277 free online quiz challenges available in Reasoning category

Statement: Provide mid-day meals to the children in primary schools to increase the number of students attending schools.


I. Mid-day meals will attract the children to the schools.

II. Those children who are otherwise deprived of good food will attend the schools.

Statement: Greater public participation results in good civic governance. - Statement of Municipal Commissioner of City A.


I. The municipal office is not competent to effect good civic administration.

II. Good civic governance is a matter of collective will and effort of the people and administration.

Statement: The Government has decided to levy 2 percent on the tax amount payable for funding drought relief programmes.


I. The Government does not have sufficient money to fund drought relief programmes.II. The amount collected by way of surcharge may be adequate to fund these drought relief programmes.

Statement: Sachin's mother instructed him to return home by train if it rains heavily.


I. Sachin may not be able to decide himself if it rains heavily.

II. The trains may ply even if it rains heavily.

Statement: Among all the articles, the prices of personal computers show the highest decline from June 2005 to December 2005.


I. Comparative prices of all the articles in June and December 2005 were available.

II. Prices of personal computers were higher in the first six months than the last six months of 2005.

Statement: "X air-conditioner - the largest selling name with the largest range." - An advertisement.


I. X air-conditioner is the only one with wide variations.

II. There is a demand of air-conditioners in the market.

Statement : Money is the root cause of the problems in a family.

Assumptions : I. Every problem is caused by something. II. There are always some problems in the family.

Statement: If you have any problems, bring them to me.


I. You have some problems.

II. I can solve any problem.

Statement : 'Guests should be provided lunch' - A tells B

Assumptions : I. Unless told, lunch may not be provided. II. Guests will stay during lunch time.

Statement: Government aided schools should have uniformity in charging various fees.


I. The Government's subsidy comes from the money collected by way of taxes from people.

II. The Government while giving subsidy may have stipulated certain uniform conditions regarding fees.

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