Spotting Errors - English Language quiz 48

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Spotting Errors - English Language Online Quiz 48

Spotting Errors - English Language quiz 48 is a free online quiz challenge under Spotting Errors - English Language category. There are 320 free online quiz challenges available in English Language category

People who play (A)/their radios too(B)/loud have no(C)/education as he could.(D)/No error(E)

Cows,goats and(A)/other such domestic(B)/animals together is (C)/called livestock.(D)/No error(E)

Earlier this year(A)/some foreign nationals(B)/was caught(C)/bringing in drugs in shoe cavity.(D)/No error(E)

(A) Social or impact funds are private equity-like funds/(B) that pool money form investors/(C)and put it to work in a portfolio of ventures/(D)that meet the funds' objective./(E)No error

The question was (A)/so difficult that (B)/nobody were(C)/able to answer it (D)/No error.(E)

Each morning they(A)/emptied how an(B)/into large garbage cans(C)/which were placed in the street.(D)/No error(E)

Reema decide not to(A)/watch the movie because (B)/she had to study for the (C)/quiz to be hold the next day.(D)/No error(E)

Mahatma Gandhi did not solve (A)/all the problems of the future (B)/but he did solve (C)/ problems of his own age. (D)/No error. (E)

He laiy in the bed to(A)/rest,and(B)/within no time(C)/dozed off to sleep.(D)/No error(E)

solve as per the direction given above

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