Services sector - Indian Economy quiz 4

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Services sector - Indian Economy Online Quiz 4

Services sector - Indian Economy quiz 4 is a free online quiz challenge under Services sector - Indian Economy category. There are 248 free online quiz challenges available in Indian Economy category

Which of the following is true about Second Liquid chemical Berth of Mumbai Port Trust (MbPT) at Pair Pau?1. It is a modern state of art facility built at an expense of 127 crore rupees.2. It is equipped with quick release mooring hooks and also she 4 mooring hooks and also with 4 mooring dolphins.3. It is designed to handle 550000 WT vessels carrying liquid bulk chemicals.4. It has been designed to keep in view the safety standards conforming to the oil industry safety directorate norms.Choose the right answer form the following Codes.

Consider the following sectors of the Indian economy with respect to share of employment1. Agriculture Sector2. Industrial Sector3. Services Sector Arrange these sectors form the highest to lowest in the term of share of employment ans select the correct answer using the codes given below

The RbI will shortly issue bank notes of 1000 rupees denominations with inset letter "R' in both the number panels. These notes will issue in

Which one of the following areas is related with the Grameen Bhandaran Yojana launched by Indian Government?

Consider the following statements about an economy1.when a country progresses further,  the manufacturing sector takes a back seat in terms of both output and employment.2. When a country progress further manufacturing sector become increasingly service centric.Which of the statements given above is/are correct?

Consider the following statements1. 74% Foreign Direct Investment in Insurance sector in Indian economy is allowed with subject to licensing by the Insurance Regulatory and Development through automatic route.2. Insurance is included in the secondary sector of Indian economy.Which of the statements given above is/are correct?

Which one of the following services of the Indian Economy has the highest percentage of share in the Services sector export?

What is the contribution of Services sector to employment generation in India?

Which one of the following states has the highest share of the Services sector in the Gross State Domestic Product in India?

Consider the following major components of the ITES industry1. IT Services2. Business Process  Outsourcing (BPO)3. Engineering services and R& D4. Software ProductsWhich of the statements given above are the major components of the ITES, Industry in India?

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