Sentence Rearrangement - English Language quiz 2

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Sentence Rearrangement - English Language Online Quiz 2

Sentence Rearrangement - English Language quiz 2 is a free online quiz challenge under Sentence Rearrangement - English Language category. There are 320 free online quiz challenges available in English Language category

OnlyP:to make himself

Q:by shouting at the top of his voice
R:was he able
The proper sequence should be:

The national unity of free peopleP:to make it impracticableQ:for there to be an arbitrary administrationR:depends upon a sufficiently even balance of political powerS:against a revolutionary opposition that is irreconcilably opposed to itThe proper sequence should be:

Her parentsP:when they were in AfricaQ:to their children

R:for ten years
S:could not teach Hindi
The proper sequence should be:

We have to 

P:as we see it
R: there is falsehood and darkness
S:even if all around us
The proper sequence should be:

PeopleP: at his dispensaryQ:went to himR:of all professionsS:helped them himselfThe proper sequence should be:

Towards midnightP:so that the sky was lighted withQ:and the clouds drifted awayR:the rain ceasedS:incredible lamps of starsThe proper sequence should be:

There wasP:needed for its everyday lifeQ:a time when each familyR: for itself most of the things itS:actually producedThe proper sequence should be:

Madhuram was a saintP:who lived in this AshramQ:to the Himalayas for HaridarshanR:who was worshipped by thoseS:till he went awayThe proper sequence should be:

The effectiveness of a filmP: the needs of the audienceQ: is judged byR: and by its relation to

S:its theme
The proper sequence should be

This majestic mahogany tableP:belongs to an old princeQ:which has one leg missingR:who is now impoverishedS:but not without some prideThe proper sequence should be:

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