Sentence Improvement - English Language quiz 15

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Sentence Improvement - English Language Online Quiz 15

Sentence Improvement - English Language quiz 15 is a free online quiz challenge under Sentence Improvement - English Language category. There are 320 free online quiz challenges available in English Language category

He is smoking ever since the party started.

The company goes to great length to ensure that employees can be comfortable in their work environment.

By law, a qualified physician can only presribe medicine,protecting the public,

In India today many of our intellectuals still talk in terms of the French Revolution and the Rights of Man, not appreciating that much has happened since then.

If you call to him to explain your problem he will help you.

They felt humiliated because they realised that they had been cheated.

While everyone continues to hope for their survival, it is unlikely that the astronauts could have made it back to the shelter before the power plant exploded.

We demonstrated to them how we were prepared the artistic patterns.

His father won't be able to leave for Varnasi until they have arrived.

She told the children not to stop the work.

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