Sentence Correction - English Language quiz 3

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Sentence Correction - English Language Online Quiz 3

Sentence Correction - English Language quiz 3 is a free online quiz challenge under Sentence Correction - English Language category. There are 320 free online quiz challenges available in English Language category

One of the drawbacks is that I do not have to tolerance of ambiguity.

if i would have realised the nature of the job earlier, i would not have accepted it.

In 1996, India exported twice as much of its national output of sugar as that had in 1986.

What happens to all those travellers on the ship was not known. 

By failing to keep his promise, the candidate will earn the distrust of all the voters.

Though we have kept in mind to try and maintain most facilities, we would like to request you to kindly bear with us any inconvenience that may be caused

The man who has committed such a serious crime must get the mostly severe punishment.

He is a singer of repute, but his yesterday's performance was quite disappointing.

It was unanimously resolved that the parties should unitedly undertook launching of popular programmes.

The crops are drying; it must not had rained.

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