Selecting Words - English Language quiz 6

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Selecting Words - English Language Online Quiz 6

Selecting Words - English Language quiz 6 is a free online quiz challenge under Selecting Words - English Language category. There are 320 free online quiz challenges available in English Language category

Indeed, all over the world, more and more people are ...... coffee.

Like any other country India has its ...... share of superstitions.

When I was a child, I school everyday instead going by cycle.

True brevity ...... in saying only what needs to be said.

Nobody can ...... me to do anything which I do not want to do.

At one point, it looked as if an area of agreement would ...... specially over the issue of productivity linked wages.

There is a keen ...... in each trade.

The Hubble Space Telescope will search for planets around the stars, a key to the ...... extraterrestrial life, and examine interstellar dust and gases out of which stars are born.

He was accused ...... stealing his aunt's necklace.

That rule is applicable ...... every one.

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