Physics - General Science quiz 2

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Physics - General Science Online Quiz 2

Physics - General Science quiz 2 is a free online quiz challenge under Physics - General Science category. There are 434 free online quiz challenges available in General Science category

Assertion (A) Water kept in an open vessel will quickly evaporate on the surface of the moon.Reason (R) The temperature at the surface of the moon is much higher then boiling point of water.

Assertion (A) Guttation liquid is found on the margins of leaves.Reason (R) Hydathodes are found on the margins.

Assertion (A) It is not necessary that every bar magnet has one North Pole and one South Pole.Reason (R) Magnetic Poles occur in pair.

Assertion (A) Chlorophyll appears green.Reason (R) It absorbs light mainly in the region of green part of light spectrum.

Assertion (A) The ships of iron and the boats of wood float in water but the nails iron sink.Reason (R) The special design and shape of the ship and the boat through which weight of the ship and boat, due to which more than the weight of the ship and boat, due to which more force of buoyancy becomes operative and the ships or boats floats. But the weight of the water displaced by the nails is less than the weight of nails that is why nails sink.

Assertion (A) Double bond cause more repulsion than single bonds.Reason (R) Triple bonds cause more repulsion than a double bond.

Assertion (A) The velocity of sound in air increases due to the the presence of moisture in it.Reason (R) The presence of moisture in air lowers the density in air.

Assertion (A) Pulling a lawn roller is easier than pushing it.Reason (R) Pushing increases the apparent weight and hence the force of friction. 

Assertion (A) in osmosis, solvent molecules pas through a semi-permeable membrane form a more dilute solution to a more concentrated one, when these two are separated by the semi-permeable membrane.Reason (R) The vapor pressure of the solvent over the concentrated  solution.

Assertion (A) The solids are more elastic and gases are least elastic.Reason (R) It is so because for the given stress applied the gases are more compressible than that of solids.

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