Physics - General Science quiz 1

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Physics - General Science Online Quiz 1

Physics - General Science quiz 1 is a free online quiz challenge under Physics - General Science category. There are 434 free online quiz challenges available in General Science category

Assertion (A) The energy (E) and momentum (p) of a photon are related  by p=E/c.Reason (R) The photon behaves like a particle.

Assertion (A) In the visible spectrum of light, red light is more energetic than green light.Reason (R) The wavelength of red light is more than that of green light.

Assertion (A) Guttation liquid is found on the margins of leaves.Reason (R) Hydathodes are found on the margins.

Assertion (A) When a gun is fired i.e., it pushes back, with much less velocity than the velocity of the bullet.Reason (R)  Velocity of the recoiling gun is less because the gun is much heavier than bullet.

Assertion (A) On a rainy day, it is difficult to drive a car or bus at high speed.Reason (R) The value of coefficient of friction is lowered due to wetting of the surface.

Assertion (A) A dentist uses a concave miror to examine a small cavity.Reason (R) A dentist uses a concave mirror which can form a magnified virtual image of an object.

Assertion (A) A dish antenna is highly directional.Reason (R) This is because a dipole antenna is omni directional.

Assertion (A) The solids are more elastic and gases are least elastic.Reason (R) It is so because for the given stress applied the gases are more compressible than that of solids.

Assertion (A) The covalent bond is formed by the sharing of pairs of electrons between atoms.Reason (R) Covalency is greatest between atoms of different electromagnetism.

Assertion (A) Radio waves bend in a magnetic field.Reason (R) Radio waves are electromagnetic in nature.

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