PHP Networking - PHP quiz 1

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PHP Networking - PHP Online Quiz 1

PHP Networking - PHP quiz 1 is a free online quiz challenge under PHP Networking - PHP category. There are 40 free online quiz challenges available in PHP category

How many configuration directives pertinent to PHP’s mail function are available?

Which of the following are valid PHP stream transports? 1. http 2. STDIO 3. ftp 4. STDOUT 5. stream

What is the default port number of HTTP’s?

The ftp_size() function returns the size of a specified file on the FTP server.

What will the following script do?

echo getservbyname ('ftp', 'tcp');

Which one of the following function is used to return an array consisting of various DNS resource records pertinent to a specific domain?

Which of the following statements is used to add an attachment to the mail?

Which one of the following function checks for the existence of DNS records?

What function can you use to create your own streams using the PHP stream wrappers and register them within PHP?

When dealing with timeout values in sockets, the connection timeout can be changed independently of the read/write time out. Which function must be used for this purpose?

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