Paragraph Formation - English Language quiz 2

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Paragraph Formation - English Language Online Quiz 2

Paragraph Formation - English Language quiz 2 is a free online quiz challenge under Paragraph Formation - English Language category. There are 320 free online quiz challenges available in English Language category

(A) He pulled popcorn dipped in ketchup out of her mouth with a pair of pliers.(B) Soon Steven was making horror pictures, using his sisters as victims.(C) A few years later Steven borrowed his dad's eight-millimetre movie camera to film The Last Train Wreck using his own electric train set.(D)In one he played a dentist, with his sister Ann as the patient.

(A) The value of the mangrove swamps as breeding and nursery grounds for commercially valuable fishes, molluscs and crustaceans, far outweighs their value as firewood and fodder.(B) The Gulf of Kutch supports a major fishery which is dependent to a very large extent on the mangrove/mudflat ecosystem and coral reefs.(C) Thus the great variety of fishes available in local markets indicates the wealth of these waters. Wildlife tours to the Gulf began in 1985 and have helped to publicize the importance of the Gulf outside India.(D) Simailarly, the long-term values of the living coral formations far outweigh their short-term value as a source of cheap limestone for the cement industry.

(A) So we can say that the alkali chemicals, inorganic chemicals, and organic chemicals constitute the major segments of the chemicals industry.(B) Also, such chemicals are directly used by consumers in the form of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics,household products, paints, etc.(C)Today we see a side variety of processed chemicals used in agriculture and industry as auxiliary materials such as adhesives, unprocessed plastics, dyes, and fertilizers.(D)Even the April-November 2011 findings suggested that the production of major chemicals was comparatively higher except for pesticides and insecticides and dyes and dyestuff.

(A) Over 100 species of algae have been recorded in the past,but in recent years only 74 species have been found.(B) Elsewhere in the Gulf, the mangroves have been reduced to low bushes with a maximum height of two metres, The Principal species are Avicennia alba, Rhizophora mucronata and Ceriops tagal.(C) The Gulf of Kutch also contains some of the  best mangrove forests on the west coast of India, bit large areas have been totally cleared or at least seriously degraded by exploitation for domestic and commercial use.(D) In the last twenty years alone 95% of mature trees have been cut down .Only four islands, Ajad, Bhaidar, Pirotan and Kharachusa,and a small area on the mainland near Okha still support true mangrove forest.

(A) it also includes powers for stringent punishment if these provision are infringed.(B) However, the state governments have executive authority over the management of designated areas, hampering the development of an integrated national system of protected areas.(C) The Wildlife (protection) Act 1972 was enacted to provide special legal protection to wildlife (threatened species of fauna in particular) on a unified national basis.(D) It contains provisions for the establishment of national parks and sanctuaries by state governments for the purpose of protecting,propagating and developing wildlife therein, or its environment.

(A) The company sales charts show that a compact car model of this company had topped the charts for quite some time till recently, when a new model overtook the title in mid 2012.(B) The renowned car company exports more than 50,000 cars annually and has an extremely large domestic market in India, selling over 730,000 cars annually.(C) However, the compact car, till 2004, was the India's largest selling compact car ever since it was launched in the early eighties.(D) For manufacturing its cars, the diesel engines are imported by the company from another Italian company.

(A) To understand this, let's consider the leading sandwich chain that opened its first international restaurant in the early eighties.(B) But high unemployment and economic uncertainty have battered the restaurant industry in the US, and now such chains are increasingly looking overseas for growth, particularly in Asia.(C) The race for global dominance is an important one for an industry that's mostly saturated in the US.(D) A study showed that at one point, this largest sandwich chain surpassed the globally-renowned burger giant in terms of units by a very close margin.

(A) These researchers have become so knowledgeable about their subjects that they have been guiding us to the right place at the right time.(B) The great increase, during the past decade, in the number of scientists actively involved in observing animals in the wild is very important.(C) They have guided us in seeing exactly that aspect of animal behaviours that is of particular interest to us.(D) Almost every group of large animals is now being studied by scientists everywhere.

(A) Something magical is happening to our planet.(B) Some are calling it a paradigm shift.(C) It is getting smaller.(D)Others call it business transformation.

(A) A wife may not be sure if what her husband is saying means"the end".(B) She has found that people's voices often get higher or shakier when they lie, and they are more likely to stumble over words.(C) According to DePaulo,changes in voice can be significant.(D)She should listen closely, not only to what he says, but also to how he says it.

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