Ordering Of Sentences - English Language quiz 3

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Ordering Of Sentences - English Language Online Quiz 3

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S1:The heart is pump of life.
P :They have even succeeded in heart transplants.
Q :Nowadays surgeons are able to stop a patients heart and carry out complicated operations.
R :A few years ago it was impossible to operate on a patient whose heart was not working properly.
S :If heart stops we die in about five minutes.
S6:All this was made possible by the invention of heart-lung machine.
The Proper sequence should be:

S1:Sun birds are among the smallest of Indian birds.
P :Though they are functionally similar to the humming birds of the New World, they are totally unrelated.
Q :They do eat insects too.
R :They are also some of the most brilliantly coloured birds.
S :sun birds feed on nectar mostly and helped in pollination.
S6:Our common sun birds are the purple sun bird, the glossy black species and purple rumped sun bird, the yellow and maroon species.
The Proper sequence should be:

1: Several times I have P: by a blowpipe dart but a cigarette placed Q: parallel to the ground is missed R: put a cigarette on end in a tree S: and watched it be pinned to the bark 6: seven times out of ten.

S1:American private lies may seem shallow.
P :Students would walk away with books they had not paid for.
Q :A Chinese journalist commented on a curious institution: the library
R :Their public morality, however, impressed visitors.
S :But in general they returned them.
S6:This would not happen in china, he said.
The Proper sequence should be:

S1:Our ancestors thought that anything which moved itself was alive.
P :The philosopher Descartes thought that both men and animals were machines.
Q :But a machine such as a motorcar or a steamship moves itself, as soon as machines which moved themselves had been made, people asked "Is man a machine?"
R :And before the days of machinery that was a good definition.
S :He also thought that the human machine was partly controlled by the soul action on a certain part of the brain, while animals had no souls.
S6:Therefore some scientists think that life is just a very complicated mechanism.
The Proper sequence should be:

S1:Several sub-cities have been planned around capital.
P :Dwarga is the first among them.
Q :They are expected to alleviate the problem of housing.
R :It is coming up in the south west of capital.
S :It will cater to over one million people when completed.
S6:Hopefully the housing problem will not be as acute at present after these sub-cities are built.
The Proper sequence should be:

S1:What are the causes of our chronic food shortage ?
P :To find for these growing new millions is desperate task.
Q :every year, we add more than a crore of persons to our population.
R :Despite stupendous efforts by our government, the population is growing unabated.
S :The chief cause is the population explosion.
S6:This unprecedented growth can drag us to the doors of starvation very soon.
The Proper sequence should be:

S1:Minnie went shopping one morning.
P :Disappointed She turned around and returned to the parking lot.
Q :She got out and walked to the nearest shop.
R :She drove her car into the parking lot and stopped.
S :It was there that she realised that she'd forgotten her purse at home.
S6:She drove home with an empty basket.
The Proper sequence should be:

1. Any anyone P: and the chances are Q: what is the single most important issue R: in the streets of Zurich S: facing Switzerland today 6. they will answer 1992

S1: Your letter was big relief.
P : How did you exams go?
Q : After your result, you must come here for a week.
R : You hadn't written for over a month.
S : I am sure you will come out with flying colours.
S6: But don't forget to bring chocolate for Geetha.
The Proper sequence should be:

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