Operating Systems - Computers quiz 15

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Operating Systems - Computers Online Quiz 15

Operating Systems - Computers quiz 15 is a free online quiz challenge under Operating Systems - Computers category. There are 589 free online quiz challenges available in Computers category

In Ms-DOS, The primary hard disk has the drive letter of?

In a computer file system which among the following is top or first in hierarchy?

Which of the following type of software that controls the internal operations in the computer and controls how the computer works with all its parts?

The Operating System Manages

An operating system version designed for use with a Media Center PC is Microsoft Windows XP ____.

The two major categories of software include_________

Operating systems that can function as both desktop and server operating systems is called ________

The simultaneous processing of two or more programs by multiple processors, is __________

_____ are provided with operating systems to facilitate editing of text and data.

__________ are text files containing OS commands.

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