Networking Miscellaneous - Networking quiz 40

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Networking Miscellaneous - Networking Online Quiz 40

Networking Miscellaneous - Networking quiz 40 is a free online quiz challenge under Networking Miscellaneous - Networking category. There are 61 free online quiz challenges available in Networking category

Which of the following medium is used for broadband local networks?

Messages from one computer terminal can be sent to another by using data networks. The message to be sent is converted to an electronic digital signal, transmitted via a cable, telephone or satellite and then converted back again at the receiving end. What is this system of sending messages called?

Communication network is

Which of the following technique is used for allocating capacity on a satellite channel using fixed-assignment FDM?

Bulletin board system

Terminals are used to

A hard copy would be prepared on a

How many pairs of stations can simultaneously communicate on Ethernet LAN?

Which of the following best describes the scopes on each DHCP server, in the absence of configuration problems with DHCP addresses, if you use multiple DHCP servers in your environment?

The coming together of three technologies i.e. microelectronics, computing and communications has ushered in

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