Mughal Empire - Indian History quiz 2

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Mughal Empire - Indian History Online Quiz 2

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Assertion (A) Despite orthodox Islamic disapproval of the art of painting, Akbar patronized large number of painters and showed keen interest in their works. Reason (R)  Akbar justified the art of painting by arguing that a painter had quite peculiar means of recognizing God, for a painter in sketching anything that has life and in devising its limbs one after the other must come to feel that he cannot bestow individuality on his works and is thus forced to think of God, the giver of life.

Assertion (A)  As asserted by some historian, the failure of Mughals at Qandhar reflects the weakness of Mughal artillery.Reason (R)  It showed the inherent strength of Qandhar fort held by a determined commander and the ineffectiveness of medieval artillery against strong forts.

Assertion (A)  At first, the Turkish administration in India was essentially military. Reason (R) The country was parcelled out as 'Iqtas' among leading military leaders.

Assertion (A)  During Mughal reign, the share of the European trading companies from any part of India Gujarat, coromandal and Bengal remained a fraction of India's foreign trade.Reason (R) When it came to textile trade, the Indian traders had got understanding of both the domestic and foreign markets better and they were willing to work at lowest profit as well.

Assertion (A) Daulatabad fortress was besieged by the Mughal forces in the year 131 and it had to be surrendered to them. Reason (R)  Malik Amber betrayed his Sultan during the seige of Daulatabad fortress by Mughal forces.

Assertion (A)  Emperor Akbar marched towards Afghanistan in 1581 with a huge army. Reason (R)  He was on his way to reclaim his ancestral country of Ferghana in central Asia.

Assertion (A)  Shah Alam II spent the initial years as an emperor far away from his capital. Reason (R)  There are always a linking danger of foreign invasion form the North-West Frontier.

Assertion (A)  During the reign of Shahjahan, Dara Sikoh was sent on expedition to Balkha, Badakh Shan and Kandhar. Reason (R)  The expedition sent by Shahjahan to the middle-East was a marvellous success.

Assertion (A)  The state of Hyderabad was founded by Nizam-ul-Mulk, a Wazir of Mughal EmperorReason (R)  The Mughal Emperor frustrated all the attempts of Nizam-ul-Mulk at reforming the administration of the empire.

Assertion (A) The Mansabdari system developed under the Mughals was a distinctive and unique system which did not have any exact parallel system outside India. Reason (R)  The roots of the Mansabdari system can perhaps be traced back to changez Khan who organised his army on a decimal basis.

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