MS Office Suite - Computers quiz 7

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MS Office Suite - Computers Online Quiz 7

MS Office Suite - Computers quiz 7 is a free online quiz challenge under MS Office Suite - Computers category. There are 589 free online quiz challenges available in Computers category

Which Power Point view displays each slide of the presentation as a thumbnail and is useful for rearranging slides?

A view in PowerPoint for working on the speaker notes page; includes placeholders for the slide notes is called ___________

What is the best way to have a data and the slide number appear on every slide?

Which of the following involves creating a single cell by combining two or more selected cells?

Which option is used for giving the heading in the form?

Which of the following Characteristics is used to compute dynamically the results from Excel data?

Which keys will produce a new slide in Power point?

What is the file extension of MS - PowerPoint ___________

The combined use of more than one media such as image, sound, video, etc., is known as ___________

Which view of the start menu has Turn Off option?

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