MS Office Suite - Computers quiz 2

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MS Office Suite - Computers Online Quiz 2

MS Office Suite - Computers quiz 2 is a free online quiz challenge under MS Office Suite - Computers category. There are 589 free online quiz challenges available in Computers category

In slideshow, which menu is appeared?

When a file contains instructions that can be carried out by the computer, it is often called a (n) ........file.

What is the term for creating, editing, formatting, storing, retrieving, and printing a text document?

 Programs from the same developer, sold bundled together, that provide better integration and share common features, toolbars, and menus are known as

Which of the following is not a usual file extension in DOS?

Documents converted to________can be published to the Web.

Which function button is used to show MS Power Point in full screen?

You can keep your personal files/folder in_______

What is the shortcut key for slideshow?

Which is used to turn off the pen tool during a presentation?

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