MS Office Suite - Computers quiz 3

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MS Office Suite - Computers Online Quiz 3

MS Office Suite - Computers quiz 3 is a free online quiz challenge under MS Office Suite - Computers category. There are 589 free online quiz challenges available in Computers category

'MPG' extension refers usually to what kind of file?

In Power Point, the Header & Footer button can be found on the Insert tab in what group ?

__________ is Microsoft's latest entry into the programming area.

________is a technique that is used to send more than one call over a single

The default lines to drop for drop cap is________

What is the file extension for MS-PPT file?

You can keep your personal files/folder in_______

Group of letters, numbers and symbols with a common typeface is called as ________

Which keys will produce a new slide in Power point?

What year was Windows XP released?

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