Major Methodologies - World History quiz 3

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Major Methodologies - World History Online Quiz 3

Major Methodologies - World History quiz 3 is a free online quiz challenge under Major Methodologies - World History category. There are 17 free online quiz challenges available in World History category

"A wind has been blowing from the West; now it will begin to blow from the East." -Mao Zedong, 1949.Which idea was Mao Zedong expressing in this quotation?

During the Cold War Era, many Asian and African nations followed a policy of nonalignment because they

In the People's Republic of China, which factor best reflects Marxism?

Which of the following American Colonies did not attend the first Continental Congress held in philadelphia?

"A country is not merely a geographic territory. A country is also the idea given birth by the geographic territory. A country is a sense of love that unites, as one, all the sons and daughters of that geographic territory...." World History : A Story of Progress. This quotation supports the idea of

"If we are to remain free, if we are to enjoy the full benefits of Africa's enormous wealth, we must unite to plan for the full exploitation of our human and material resources in the interest of all our people"-Kwame Nkrumah (1950)This quotation best expresses the major goal of

Whose model is based on the mandate of Heaven?

Which quotation best reflects a feelling of nationalism?

According to Karl Marc, history is the record of the

Fascism in Europe during the 1920s and 1930s is best described as a 

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