Internet Technologies - Computers quiz 7

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Internet Technologies - Computers Online Quiz 7

Internet Technologies - Computers quiz 7 is a free online quiz challenge under Internet Technologies - Computers category. There are 589 free online quiz challenges available in Computers category

A hacker contacts you my phone or email and attempts to acquire your password________.

Programs such as Internet Explorer that serve as navigable windows into the Web are called______

A proxy server is used for which of the following?

The first page of a Web site is called the.......

Webpages are saved in_________format?

What is the technology known as where a beam of light is thrown on the paper to check which of the options reflect different amount of light than the rest and hence, this technology is used for checking exam sheets?

What term refers to your ability to connect to the internet and your company from a wireless device?

Which of the following organisations looks at standard for representation of data on the internet ?

An online transaction is__________

Which is also known as a "stateless" protocol that it doesn't acknowledge that the packets being sent have been received.

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