Internet Technologies - Computers quiz 4

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Internet Technologies - Computers Online Quiz 4

Internet Technologies - Computers quiz 4 is a free online quiz challenge under Internet Technologies - Computers category. There are 589 free online quiz challenges available in Computers category

What is the IEEE Standard for "Token Bus"?

What are the four things needed to connect to the Internet?

Which is also known as a "stateless" protocol that it doesn't acknowledge that the packets being sent have been received.

Which of the following is required to create an HTML document?

WPA is a type of security used for what type of connection?

The process of a computer receiving information form a server on the Internet is known as_______

Which one of the following is the program seems to be doing one thing, but us actually doing another that is ti sets up a back door in a computer system such that the intruder can gain access later?

The steps and tasks needed to process data, such as responses to questions or clicking an icon, are called:

What is the term that refers to an ad hidden inside software that you downloaded from an internet site________

Which device connects LAN to Internet________

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