Fill in the blanks - English Language quiz 2

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Fill in the blanks - English Language Online Quiz 2

Fill in the blanks - English Language quiz 2 is a free online quiz challenge under Fill in the blanks - English Language category. There are 320 free online quiz challenges available in English Language category

I regret that my remarks seemed......I never intended

_____________keep the environment clean, by___________on animal carcasses. 

Gopal was frustrated with Sunder who would not___________himself to a deadline.Sunder claimed he was working well without a deadline, but Gopal____________and finally prevailed.

Many people take their spirituality very seriously and_____about those who do not worrying about them and_______-them to believe.

We should move towards a system where the banks in the market with...............safeguards so that they continue to be public sector banks.

The origins of the_________co-operative banking movement in India can be________to the close of nineteenth century.

Nursery business is highly seasonal, concentrated in the_________and_________.

Nothing is impossible in the world of politics. States which were........foes and had their deadly missiles pointed at each other find themselves ............military alliances.

The so-called civilised human race has________and ill-treated small and large animals in an attempt to prove its__________.

Despite________knowledgeable, he remained________all through.

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