Famous Personalities - World History quiz 3

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Famous Personalities - World History Online Quiz 3

Famous Personalities - World History quiz 3 is a free online quiz challenge under Famous Personalities - World History category. There are 17 free online quiz challenges available in World History category

Peave-keeping missions are operating in more than a dozen of the world's many trouble spots.The authority to intervene and use force, if necessary, is found in several articles in the Charter.Which organization is referred to in these statements?

Who was the last emperor of Rome?

Who among the following was the author of 'Common Sense' the revolutionary pamphlet of the American Revolution?

The hearsh conditions imposed by the Treaty of Versailles after, World War I helped lay the foundation for the

The provisional government of 1917 in Russia was headed by

Who was among the famous Roman poets?

Which of the following specialised agencies of the UN were created after the first world war?

Who is the father of Athenian democracy?

Who is considered as the master of Greek Comedy?

Who is known as the father of modern Medicine?

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