Ecology and Ecosystem - Environment and Ecology quiz 12

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Ecology and Ecosystem - Environment and Ecology Online Quiz 12

Ecology and Ecosystem - Environment and Ecology quiz 12 is a free online quiz challenge under Ecology and Ecosystem - Environment and Ecology category. There are 59 free online quiz challenges available in Environment and Ecology category

Consider the following statements1. The role of an organism in an ecosystem is called as niche.2. Group of individuals of same species that share common attributes are called population.Which of the above statements is/are true?

Which one among the following covers the highest percentage of forest area in the world?

Government of India in July, 2011 gave its nod for accepting international regulations for prevention of air pollution emanating form ships. In this regard, which of the following statements is/are correct?1. According to the regulations,limits have been set on sulphur oxide and nitrogen oxide emissions form ship exhausts.2. India is the first country to ratify to the convention for the prevention of pollution form ships of the international maritime organisation.Select the correct answer using the  codes given below

The organisms which feed on bodies of the dead organisms are

The cycling of element in an ecosystem is called

A pesticide which is a chlorinated hydrocarbon is sprayed on  a food crop.The food chain is: Food crop-Rat- Snake-hawk. In this food chain, the highest concentration of the pesticide would accumulate in which one of the following?

Man can maintain an ecological balance in the biosphere by

Which of the following is most stable ecosystem?

Consider the following statements about availbility of oxygen on Earth1. Most oxygen of Earth's biosphere is stored in the lithosphere.2. Phytoplanktons are a source of available oxygen in the earth's atmosphere.3. Some oxygen is made in the atmosphere when sunlight breaks down water.Which of the statements given above are correct?

As an ecosystem, wetlands are useful for which of the following?

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