Data Sufficiency - Reasoning quiz 1

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Data Sufficiency - Reasoning Online Quiz 1

Data Sufficiency - Reasoning quiz 1 is a free online quiz challenge under Data Sufficiency - Reasoning category. There are 277 free online quiz challenges available in Reasoning category

Question: Vinod's and Javed's salaries are in the proportion of 4 : 3 respectively. What is Vinod's salary ?


I. Javed's salary is 75% that of Vinod's salary.II. Javed's salary is Rs 4500.

Question: What is Gagan's age ?


I. Gagan, Vimal and Kunal are all of the same age.II. Total age of Vimal, Kunal and Anil is 32 years and Anil is as old as Vimal and Kunal together.

Question: Who is C's partner in a game of cards involving four players A, B, C and D ?


I. D is sitting opposite to A.II. B is sitting right of A and left of D.

Question: What is the code for 'is' in the code language ?


I. In the code language, 'shi tu ke' means 'pen is blue'.II. In the same code language, 'ke si re' means 'this is wonderful'.

Question: What is Sachin's rank from the top in a class of 25 students ?


I. Sachin ranks three ranks above Amit who ranks 18th from the bottom.II. Sachin's rank from the top is two ranks below Deepti who ranks 23rd from the bottom.

Question: What is the shortest distance between Devipur and Durgapur ?


I. Durgapur is 20 kms away from Rampur.II. Devipur is 15 kms away from Rampur.

Question: B is the brother of A. How is A related to B ?


I. A is the sister of C.II. E is the husband of A.

Question: Who among P, Q, T, V and M is exactly in the middle when they are arranged in ascending order of their heights ?


I. V is taller than Q but shorter than M.II. T is taller than Q and M but shorter than P.

Question: What will be the total weight of 10 poles, each of the same weight ?


  1. One-fourth of the weight of each pole is 5 kg.
  2. The total weight of three poles is 20 kilograms more than the total weight of two poles.

Question: Which code word stands for 'good' in the coded sentence 'sin co bye' which means 'He is good' ?


I. In the same code language, 'co mot det' means 'They are good'.II. In the same code language, 'sin mic bye' means 'He is honest'.

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