Data Sufficiency - Reasoning quiz 7

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Data Sufficiency - Reasoning Online Quiz 7

Data Sufficiency - Reasoning quiz 7 is a free online quiz challenge under Data Sufficiency - Reasoning category. There are 277 free online quiz challenges available in Reasoning category

Question: Who is C's partner in a game of cards involving four players A, B, C and D ?


I. D is sitting opposite to A.II. B is sitting right of A and left of D.

Question: It is 8.00 p.m., when can Hemant get next bus for Ramnagar from Dhanpur?


I. Buses for Ramnagar leave after every 30 minutes, till 10 p.m.II. Fifteen minutes ago, one bus has left for Ramnagar.

Question: How is T related to K?


I. K has two sons; one of the sons is A.II. The mother of T has only two sons - A and B.

Question: On which day in April is Gautam's birthday?


I. Gautam was born exactly 28 years after his mother was born.II. His mother will be 55 years 4 months and 5 days on August 18 this year.

Question: Among A, B, C, D, E and F, who is the heaviest ?


I. A and D are heavier than B, E and F but none of them is the heaviest.II. A is heavier than D but lighter than C.

Question: T studies in which of the schools B, C, D, E and F ?


I. T does not study in the same school as either R or J.II. R and J study in schools D and F respectively.

Question: Which train did Aman catch to go to office ?


I. Aman missed his usual train of 10.25 a.m. A train comes in every 5 minutes.II. Aman did not catch the 10.40 a.m. train or any train after that time.

Question: How many doctors are practising in this town ?


I. There is one doctor per seven hundred residents.II. There are 16 wards with each ward having as many doctors as the number of wards.

Question: Which direction is Sunny facing now ?


I. If Sunny turns to his right and again turns to his right, he will be facing North.II. If Sunny walks some distance and turns left and again walks some distance, then his face will be towards left of Dinesh who is facing South.

Question: How many visitors saw the exhibition yesterday ?


I. Each entry pass holder can take up to three persons with him/her.II. In all, 243 passes were sold yesterday.

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