Data Sufficiency - Reasoning quiz 2

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Data Sufficiency - Reasoning Online Quiz 2

Data Sufficiency - Reasoning quiz 2 is a free online quiz challenge under Data Sufficiency - Reasoning category. There are 277 free online quiz challenges available in Reasoning category

Question: What is Sachin's rank from the top in a class of 25 students ?


I. Sachin ranks three ranks above Amit who ranks 18th from the bottom.II. Sachin's rank from the top is two ranks below Deepti who ranks 23rd from the bottom.

Question: Who is to the immediate right of P among five persons P, Q, R, S and T facing North ?


I. R is third to the left of Q and P is second to the right of R.II. Q is to the immediate left of T who is second to the right of P.

Question: T studies in which of the schools B, C, D, E and F ?


I. T does not study in the same school as either R or J.II. R and J study in schools D and F respectively.

Question: What is the shortest distance between Devipur and Durgapur ?


I. Durgapur is 20 kms away from Rampur.II. Devipur is 15 kms away from Rampur.

Question: What is the rank of P from the bottom in a class of 30 students ?


I. M is third from the top and there are five students between M and P.II. The rank of K is fourth from the bottom and there are 17 students between K and P.

Question: How many students in a class play football ?


I. Only boys play football.II. There are forty boys and thirty girls in the class.

Question: How is X related to Y?


I. Y says, "I have only one brother".II. X says, "I have only one sister".

Question: Which word in the code language means 'flower' ?


I. 'de fu la pane' means 'rose flower is beautiful' and 'la quiz' means 'beautiful tree'.II. 'de la chin' means 'red rose flower' and 'pa chin' means 'red tea'.

Question: In a certain code, '13' means 'stop smoking' and '59' means 'injurious habit'. What do '9' and '5' mean respectively in that code ?


I. '157' means 'stop bad habit'.II. '839' means 'smoking is injurious'.

Question: How many girls are taller than Shravan in his class ?


I. When students of Shravan's class are ranked in descending order of their heights, Shravan's rank is 17th from the top among all the students and 12th among boys.II. Shravan's rank from the bottom on the basis of height among boys is 18th and among all students, 29th.

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