Data Sufficiency - Reasoning quiz 9

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Data Sufficiency - Reasoning Online Quiz 9

Data Sufficiency - Reasoning quiz 9 is a free online quiz challenge under Data Sufficiency - Reasoning category. There are 277 free online quiz challenges available in Reasoning category

Question: Which code word stands for 'good' in the coded sentence 'sin co bye' which means 'He is good' ?


I. In the same code language, 'co mot det' means 'They are good'.II. In the same code language, 'sin mic bye' means 'He is honest'.

Question: How is F related to P?


I. P has two sisters M and N.II. F's mother is sister of M's father.

Question: T studies in which of the schools B, C, D, E and F ?


I. T does not study in the same school as either R or J.II. R and J study in schools D and F respectively.

Question: What time did the train leave today ?


I. The train normally leaves on time.II. The scheduled departure is at 14 : 30.

Question: How many children are there in the row of children facing North ?


I. Vishakha who is fifth from the left end is eighth to the left of Ashish who is twelfth from the right end.II. Rohit is fifth to the left of Nisha who is seventh from the right end and eighteenth from the left end.

Question: How many sons does D have ?


I. A's father has three children.II. B is A's brother and son of D.

Question: What is Sachin's rank from the top in a class of 25 students ?


I. Sachin ranks three ranks above Amit who ranks 18th from the bottom.II. Sachin's rank from the top is two ranks below Deepti who ranks 23rd from the bottom.

Question: What is the code for 'sky' in the code language ?


I. In the code language, 'sky is clear' is written as 'de ra fa'.II. In the same code language, 'make it clear' is written as 'de ga jo'.

Question: How is R related to M ?


I. M's brother is husband of P.II. P is mother of R's sister.

Question: How is T related to K?


I. R's sister J has married Ts brother L, who is the only son of his parents.II. K is the only daughter of L and J.

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