Course of Action - Reasoning quiz 5

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Course of Action - Reasoning Online Quiz 5

Course of Action - Reasoning quiz 5 is a free online quiz challenge under Course of Action - Reasoning category. There are 277 free online quiz challenges available in Reasoning category

Statement: The Meteorology Department has forecast that a severe cyclonic storm would hit coastal Andhra Pradesh and Orissa in the next forty-eight hours.

Courses of Action:

I. The local administration should advise the fishermen not to go to dangerous area in the sea.

II. The local administration should alert the people of coastal areas of these two states and they should be prepared to shift to safer places.

Statement: Four districts in State A have been experiencing severe drought for the last three years resulting into exodus of people from these districts.

Courses of Action:

I. The government should immediately start food for work programme in the district to put a halt to the exodus.

II. The government should make since efforts to provide drinking/potable water to these districts

Statement: As stated in the recent census report the female to male ratio is alarmingly low.

Courses of Action:

I. The government should conduct another census to verify the results.

II. The government should immediately issue orders to all the departments to encourage people to improve the ratio.

Statement: The sale of a particular product has gone down considerably causing great concern to the company.

Courses of Action:

I. The company should make a proper study of rival products in the market.

II. The price of the product should be reduced and quality improved.

Statement: Exporters in the capital are alleging that commercial banks are violating a Reserve Bank of India directive to operate a post shipment export credit denominated in foreign currency at international rates from January this year.

Courses of Action:

I. The officers concerned in the commercial banks are to be suspended.

II. The RBI should be asked to stop giving such directives to commercial banks.

Statement: If the retired Professors of the same Institutes are also invited to deliberate on restructuring of the organisation, their contribution may be beneficial to the Institute.

Courses of Action:

I. Management may seek opinion of the employees before calling retired professors.

II. Management should involve experienced people for the systematic restructuring of the organisation.

Statement: Severe drought is reported to have set in several parts of the country.

Courses of Action:

I. Government should immediately make arrangement for providing financial assistance to those affected.

II. Food, water and fodder should immediately be sent to all these areas to save the people and cattle.

Statement: On an average, about twenty people are run over by trains and die every day while crossing the railway tracks through the level crossing.

Courses of Action:

I. The railway authorities should be instructed to close all the level crossings.

II. Those who are found crossing the tracks, when the gates are closed, should be fined heavily

Statement: The Minister said that the teachers are still not familiarised with the need, importance and meaning of population education in the higher education system. They are not even clearly aware about their role and responsibilities in the population education programme.

Courses of Action:

I. Population education programme should be included in the college curriculum.

II. Orientation programme should be conducted for teachers on population education

Statement: The alert villagers caught a group of dreaded dacoits armed with murderous weapons.

Courses of Action:

I. The villagers should be provided sophisticated weapons.

II. The villagers should be rewarded for their courage and unity.

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