Continental Geography - World Geography quiz 3

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Continental Geography - World Geography Online Quiz 3

Continental Geography - World Geography quiz 3 is a free online quiz challenge under Continental Geography - World Geography category. There are 121 free online quiz challenges available in World Geography category

Assertion (A) The climatic conditions for wheat are below optimum in India.Reason (R) Indian winter is short, relatively warm and dry than what wheat needs.

Assertion (A) The International Date Line is not straight. 

Reason (R) It is an imaginary line made to go zig-zag in some regions, to avoid land area to leave island groups wholly on the same side to this line.

Assertion (A) Except for the Himalayas, the growing period almost extends over whole of the year.Reason (R) Agriculture and allied activities account for about half of India's total income.

Assertion (A) Cirrus clouds primarily contain ice particles.Reason (R) Cirrus clouds occur at very high altitudes.

Assertion (A) Production cost of sugar in India is higher than in Cuba and Java.Reason (R) Crushing season in India generally varies from two to eight months for sugarcane.

Assertion (A) Groundwater offers a number of advantages when compared with surface water.Reason (R) Groundwater reservoirs do not suffer losses-seepage and evapotranspiration, as high as surface water and also these can be developed near the palace of use.

Assertion (A) The continents are considered as floating on the denser layers of rocks.Reason (R) The continents are made up of lighter rocks.

Assertion (A) Soft woods grow on the slopes of the Himalayas.Reason (R) Himalayan region supplies soft wood to the adjoining plains for paper industry.

Assertion (A) The Himalayan rivers are older than the mountain ranges they cross.Reason (R) The Himalayan river cut their channels deeply and incisively.

Assertion (A) compared to the other parts of India, North-Eastern States receive heavy rainfall.Reason (R) Distribution of rainfall received form South-West monsoons is very largely governed by the relief or orography.

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