Continental Geography - World Geography quiz 1

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Continental Geography - World Geography Online Quiz 1

Continental Geography - World Geography quiz 1 is a free online quiz challenge under Continental Geography - World Geography category. There are 121 free online quiz challenges available in World Geography category

Assertion (A) Troughs, lows depressions and cyclones are areas of convergence and give rise to various weather phenomena. 

Reason (R) Convergence takes palace when there is net horizontal flow of air into a region which is transported by vertical motion and this uplift causes condensation and weather.

Assertion (A) major rivers of peninsular India flow into the Bay of Bengal through gaps in the Eastern Ghats.Reason (R) The general gentle slope of the Deccan plateau is form West to East; these rivers rise near the Western Ghats and flow towards the Bay of Bengal

Assertion (A) The International Date Line is not straight. 

Reason (R) It is an imaginary line made to go zig-zag in some regions, to avoid land area to leave island groups wholly on the same side to this line.

Assertion (A) Area under sugarcane is relatively small in South than in North India.Reason (R) Irrigation facilities, comparatively are lesser in South than in North.

Assertion (A) Tea planters, especially in Darjiling district have discounted the use of chemical manures and chemical presticides and have started using organic manures and biopesticides.Reason (R) Countries of European Union now prefer to buy teas raised in the soil fertilized with organic fertilisers

Assertion (A) One of the major sources of irrigation in Peninsular India is Tank Irrigation.Reason (R) Most of the rivers in peninsular Region are seasonal.

Assertion (A) The growth rate of rice has not kept pace with the growth rate of wheat.Reason (R) Green Revolution has failed to increase the production of rice substantially in the rainfed areas of Eastern India.

Assertion (A) Cyclones over Bay of Bengal are characterized by clockwise circulation.Reason (R) Their Circulation is governed by pressure gradient and coriolis force.

Assertion (A) The continents are considered as floating on the denser layers of rocks.Reason (R) The continents are made up of lighter rocks.

Assertion (A) Prairies receive more rainfall than steppes.Reason (R) Steppes are more continental than Prairies.

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