Computer Protocols - Computers quiz 6

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Computer Protocols - Computers Online Quiz 6

Computer Protocols - Computers quiz 6 is a free online quiz challenge under Computer Protocols - Computers category. There are 589 free online quiz challenges available in Computers category

At which layer TCP/IP defines two protocols: Transmission Control Protocol(TCP) and User Datagram Protocol(UDP)?

which protocol provides e-mail facility among different hosts?

Which TCP/IP protocol is used for file transfer with minimal capability and minimal overhead?

Which is the protocol layer that handles the moving of data in and out across a physical link in a network?

World Wide Web uses which of the following protocol?

The MIME text file is saved with _____

What kind of commonly used file has its format abbreviated as 'Graphics Interchange format'?

IP Addresses has_____ bytes

Which of the following protocol used for web Server connection?

Which of the following is/are protocols worked at the Transport Layer?

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