Computer Fundamentals - Computers quiz 8

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Computer Fundamentals - Computers Online Quiz 8

Computer Fundamentals - Computers quiz 8 is a free online quiz challenge under Computer Fundamentals - Computers category. There are 589 free online quiz challenges available in Computers category

An input device that can interpret pencil marks on paper media is called as?

The process of authentication for connecting to internet is called?

To access a Main Frame Computer Users normally use ______.

Which of the following is an example for fourth generation language(4GL)?

Which of the following statement is wrong?

A computer Program that translates one program instruction at a time into machine language is called a/an

Surgeons can perform delicate operations by manipulating devices through computers instead of manually. This technology is known as:

Personal computers are connected to form _____.

Graphical terminals are divided into two types. They are _____

Mark I is also known as

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