Chemistry - General Science quiz 4

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Chemistry - General Science Online Quiz 4

Chemistry - General Science quiz 4 is a free online quiz challenge under Chemistry - General Science category. There are 434 free online quiz challenges available in General Science category

Assertion (A) Formic acid is stronger than acetic acid.Reason (R) Formic acid is an organic acid.

Assertion (A) Carbon can form more compounds than any other element.Reason (R) Carbon can exist in various allotropes.

Assertion (A) Phosgene is a poisonous compound forms form chloroform in the presence of UV-rays and O2.Reason (R) It is used for the sunthesis of precursor for the poly urethane polymer.

Assertion (A) Reproduction is the process by which living organisms produce young ones of their species, There are different form of reproduction.Reason (R) Sex organs, male and female, are mandatory for reproduction.

Assertion (A) Synthetic detergents can letter well in hard water.Reason (R) Synthetic detergents form soluble calcium and magnesium salts with hard water.

Assertion (A) Natural rubber has poor elasticity.Reason (R) It has almost no cross linkages.

Assertion (A) Copper metal with HCI liberates hydrogen.Reason (R) Hydrogen is present above cu in the reactivity series.

Assertion (A) Artificial insemination is a technique of breedingReason (R) Semen is preserved at a temperature of 196oC for longer durability.

Assertion (A) Pearl is produced form bivalves or gastropods under controlled conditions.Reason (R) Pearl is made up of magnesium carbonate.

Assertion (A) Ionisation energy decreases on moving down the group.Reason (R) Force of attraction between electrons and nucleus decreases on moving down the group.

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