Chemistry - General Science quiz 1

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Chemistry - General Science Online Quiz 1

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Assertion (A) Noble gases have the lowest ionization enthaiples in their respective perious.Reason (R) Noble gases have stable electronic configuration.

Assertion (A) The main constituent of the liqufied petroleum gas in methane.Reason (R) Methane can be used directly for burning in homes and factories where it can be supplied through pipelines.

Assertion (A) Meiousis takes place in pollen mother cells.Reason (R) Each pollen mother cell produces four haploid pollen grains.

Assertion (A) Phosgene is a poisonous compound forms form chloroform in the presence of UV-rays and O2.Reason (R) It is used for the sunthesis of precursor for the poly urethane polymer.

Assertion (A) Isomers are same compounds with different molecular formula.Reason (R) Isomers have different arrangement of their constituent atoms in the space.

Assertion (A) Chloroplast is a called organelle.Reason (R) An organelle is a distinct part of a cell, which has a particular structure and function.

Assertion (A) When H2O is added to CaO, heat is liberated.Reason (R) Reaction between CaO and H2O is exothermic.

Assertion (A) For a galvanic cell, oxidation takes place at andoe and reduction at cathode.Reason (R) Electrons in the external circuit move form anode to cathode.

Assertion (A) Plastids have single stranded extrachromosomal DNA.Reason (R) Plastids are possessed by all eukaryotic organisms.

Assertion (A) Ionisation energy decreases on moving down the group.Reason (R) Force of attraction between electrons and nucleus decreases on moving down the group.

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